How Research Works For Me

NOLA Research Works is committed to targeting unmet health needs and providing our research patients access to the treatments they need. Whether you are a healthy young female participating in a new contraception clinical trial or a middle aged man suffering from a specific health condition, research can work for all of us.

At NOLA Research Works our patients participate in research for a variety of different reasons. Some love the dedicated care and attention that research provides. Some can no longer afford their current treatment plans. Some have no treatment available to them. Some love to feel they are contributing to finding cutting-edge treatments that are safer or more effective than those currently on the market and some participate because they wish to help science have a broader understanding of their diagnosis.

Clinical Trial Participants Often Have

  • Access to a treatment that isn’t available yet. This treatment may be more effective or have fewer side effects than the treatments that are currently available.
  • Thoughtful, centered care from some of the best physicians. The research team that conducts clinical trials usually includes top doctors and scientists from around the United States and the world, all of whom will be working together with you. Because of the demands of research to comply with high standards, your health care will be monitored very thoroughly.
  • Treatment that may be free or low cost. Some clinical trials may pay for part or all of your treatment, other medical care, travel, and other expenses during the study.
  • Contributing to research that may save lives in the future. Some of the very best treatments we have today are available because large numbers of people like you decided to participate in clinical trials to test them.
  • The feeling that you’re taking an active role in your care. Deciding to participate in a clinical trial can make some people feel as if they have more control over their situation, which can lead to a more positive outlook and better quality of life.

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